Kami Laux Photography

Our Story

We are an ordinary mid-western family, with a GIANT Dolly dog, living outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.  We love to spend time together enjoying the crazy Adventures with Dolly and Jett.

Kami Laux Photography

Meet Jill

Born a Hoosier from central Indiana, Jill spent most of her growing up years in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  After graduating from Indiana University in 2001 with a degree in Business, Jill has worked for various Fortune 500 companies in Global Procurement leadership roles.

Jill is a hard-working corporate executive, she is laser focused on cutting through corporate BS to deliver maximum productivity and profitability.  She is passionate about being the best momma she can to both Dolly and Jett.  She enjoys fitness, family, reading, spending time with friends and being a positive role model for young men and women helping them "achieve the life of their dreams".

Jill is passionate about animal charities with a portion of all the proceeds from the Adventures with Dolly and Jett series going to the following charities:  Best Friends, Hamilton County Humane Society and Midwest Mastiff Rescue.