It was LOVE at first sight ... or so Jett thought.  Dolly was accustomed to a spoiled lifestyle until the day it all changed and Jett came home.

Explore the Adventures with Dolly and Jett ... to see what they have been up to.



his dog

She is a gentle giant, English Mastiff, weighing in at just over 140 pounds.  When Jett was born, she was only 8 months young.  Dolly loves to play with Jett's toys when he has gone to bed, while keeping a close watch on her family.




a boy

Jett came into the world 3 weeks early with a full head of thick dark hair.  He made fast friends with the nurses at the hospital smiling while sleeping and serving as their entertainment in the nursery styling his beautiful locks.  Upon arriving home, Jett met his new pal, Dolly, where they quickly began their adventures together.